Bhutan is known for some of the best trekking trails in Himalayan region with more than 20 exciting trekking trails. Many tourist visit Bhutan to explore the untouched beauty of the mountains that is experienced more deeply by foot than via travelling from any vehicle.

Whether you take a two-night trek around the Bumthang valley or hike from Thimphu to Paro or take the eight-day trek to the base of Mount Jhomolhari, the views, villages, people and experience will be unparalleled.

To wake up at dawn to the sound of the cockerel and a warming mug of tea, the trekkers at higher altitudes are invariably greeted by breath-taking vistas. Few sites on earth can equal the first sunlight hitting the Himalayan mountain. Trekking during April and May in the Himalayas brings the deep reds and oranges of the rhododendron blossom more conspicuously.